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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MPD, Jan 19, 2006.

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    I have a few questions to ask about the startup of a Lawn Care/Landscaping Biz.

    I plan on starting up a Lawn Care Business and slowly adding in Landscaping as I go. Basically I was planing on starting out part time then go full swing.

    Since it is January, am I starting to late?

    Being it is January, where should I be at or doing now for the upcoming season?

    Should I secure accounts prior to purchasing equipment, or equipment then accounts. I worry about purchasing equip. and it not being big enough or to small for accounts.

    I plan on complete Lawn Care, to include Fall, Winter and Spring cleanup. Where can I learn about Lawn treatment programs and equipment, landscaping ideas such as fountains, walls etc.. and is Holiday lighting/decorations really worth it?

    I'd have to finance the equipment, looking at buying a used trailer ( what size)? Looking to finance a zero turn, or a walk behind, but what? I'd buy a commercial push mower, blower and trimmer. Do I need seed spreaders? spray bottles for weeds?

    I plan on having business cards, flyer's and maybe even a newspaper account. Like to have my truck fitted for advertising on the windows and door. Anything else?

    Thanks in advance!

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    WOW. Question overload:p
    January is not to late. More than likely still snow on the ground.
    Plan Advertising.
    Accounts 1st would be best
    You can learn all else here and thru training from many places- John Deere, Rain Bird, Lighting Co.s, Use the search button up top

    Do not do lawn care!!. Most states require a Lic for that. You also should get some training or study first.

    Learn to cut Grass and do that well, the rest will come.
    Get Insurance-

    Now the big one--Spend the next few days writing a business plan.

    To get better answers here ask one at a time and I believe you will get more, and more info about what you ask
    Good luck
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    There has been a lot written on startups. I would recommend reading all the differing opinions written in these boards. There has been some startups who have walked these steps before you. Read how they did it and grow with them. TeamGopher has walked several through the startup process.

    With that being said, cash is king! Don't rush into buying new. Without any startup money, you will always be playing catch up to pay your debts. You don't want to end up selling your new equipment at a steep discount to a "pro" and still have payments.

    Since you are going about this part time to start, build up your base with the equipment you already have on hand. As the money comes in, improve your equipment, but don't forget to pay yourself. No fun to work for free.

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