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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fritowrdo, Mar 4, 2007.

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    I am glad i found this site, it has been very helpful for me but i was wondering if you guys can help out with my decision. I am looking for the total cost of ownership between two mowers that i have seen mentioned here and did not find anything about it.

    I am comparing the Snapper CP216019KWV to the Toro Super Recycler 20057. I know that the Snapper is commercial and the Toro is not. This is only for home use.

    My yard is just a standard city lot of 85 by 135 feet. I do use underground sprinkling and fertalize on a regular basis. I usually mow three times in a two week time frame.

    I think the Snapper is the best one the two with the Kawi engine, solid rear axle, gear drive and time tested design. The Toro seems to be a better mulcher, has an alumium deck and a longer warranty. I think both will get the job done with no issue.

    Based on your guys usuage, which one is the better of the two in the long run and will not nickel and dime me to death like my old Crapsman did during its short time I had it?

    Thanks in adavance.

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