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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by buffett, Jun 4, 2003.

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    I have recently built a new home and the builder sodded the yard with common bermuda. The only problem is that they did a bad job and didn't butt the sod pieces up together and there are lots of gaps and low spots in my yard. Not to mention that the sod was full of fireants and weeds. This lead me to call a grass company in Dallas and see what they could do to help.

    They told me that they would use a sod cutter and completely take up all of my sod and re-sod using 419 Bermuda or Zoysia. He assured me that it would look 100 times better than it does now. My question is that both neighbors have common Bermuda on both sides of my house. If I sod in 419 or Zoysia will their common Bermuda eventually spread over my yard?
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    You probably already checked into this, but I'll add it anyway. Is the lawn covered by your new home warrantee? I know when my friends bought a new home, the builder planted trees and some died within the first year. The builder came back and replanted them for free. They also had him reseed their lawns since the seed they layed down washed away before they moved in to take care of it. That was within the first few months of living in the house, but hey, you paid good money for a lawn, maybe your builder would fix it for you also. Just my .02
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    Buffet, which grass company did you talk to?

    A a large number of weeds indicates poor quality sod, very common in builder done sod jobs. It is common to get a few weeds, and the fire ants were probably already there, they just made them come to the surface. But heavy weed infestation is not normal.

    Unless you like the finely manicured look of golf courses, I really dont think any Tif hybrid would be good for normal home use. Common bermuda, or even better, Texturf 10 is better I think for residences. I dont have any experience with zoysia, but I do know it slow growing, so it may get bermuda mixed in it, especially while establishing. Anytime 2 different grasses are put side by side, one will usually cross over.


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