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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnjocky, Oct 28, 2008.

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    My best advertising investment has always been my truck signs. Like others I use the business card design on the door/bed. the signage works but I think it could do a lot more for me. This winter or early spring I plan to change to something more eye catching. My idea right now is something along the lines of U.S. Lawns.
    Or this one

    These trucks have a clean but noticeable design. I don't want it so busy that my name gets lost, but I also feel I need to drop the boring "just the fact's" lettering. The goal is to have my trucks jump out at the public and to stick in their memory. In addition to the truck body I was thinking of putting changeable signs on the top of the bed rails to reflect the services offered at that time of year. Any ideas, pics or comment's would be great.
  2. TomberLawn

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    My only suggestion is that you not make it look too similar to U.S. Lawns. You could open yourself up to trouble, or free advertising for U.S. Lawns. If it looks similar enough that a consumer would call you thinking they are calling U.S. Lawns, that's illegal. It it looks similar enough that people call U.S. Lawns after seeing your truck, that helps them at your expense. But I like the idea of full vehicle graphics for attention.
  3. Gecko Lawns

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    I may be able to help with ideas (I own a lawnmowing business and a sign writing shop)
    Firstly what is the name of your business.
    U.S Lawns appears to be a franchise
    Do you have an association with this business or are you an seperate identy?
    Is the first link an example?
    I can tell you that the second link is too buzy.
    The idea is to make your name easy to read and remember.
    A lot of people will see your singage while they (or you) are driving so they will not get a lot of time to read and understand your second example.
    The first thing that comes to mind is "Ford".
    You need to use that space for your own branding.
  4. tinman

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    I like the idea of standing out, maybe with some real Hi Quality photos of your work incorporated. My box truck is getting pretty boring to me so I may change up next year a bit.

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    If you look at my profile you can see my logo. That as well as my phone number is on my doors and tailgate. It is also on the sides and rear of my enclosed trailer. I then put my website over the wheel well. Besides the number one and my pesticide number that's all I have but I think with the white truck and the kelly green logo it really stands out . I've gotten lots of compliments about how professional it looks.

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