Help with old Bobcat 32" w/fb460v

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by oldmower, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. oldmower

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    Please excuse my lack of knowledge. I had picked up an old Bobcat 32" to do a 2 acre job that I had gotten. I was doing it with a 21" push mower because I didn't know how long I would have the account since the property is up for sale. Then I had found this Bobcat for a good price. I was having trouble with the wireing until I had gotten help from this site. The engine runs great.
    I was doing that large job today and a couple of things had happened. I run the mower for 2.5 hours to do the job.
    I have a couple of questions. If someone could answer them I would be grateful.
    #1 The drive belt (The main one under the engine) had come off after 1 hour of operation. The person that had it disconected the drive speed linkage and tightened the bolt on the arm that I believe pulls the belt tighter and lessens or increases the speed. Should I loosen the bolt and pull the arm up a little? Would this decrease my speed a little but make the belt tighter so it wont fall of again? It had fallen off one more time before I was done.
    #2 I had tilted the machine on its side to get under to get the belt back on the pulley. When I started it, it smoked like crazy for a couple of minutes then cleared up. Did oil get up into the head or did oil get into the carb and can the reverse happen (gas get into the oil )?
    #3 What would be the best way to work on something under the machine, like a pulley or belt etc. ?
    #4 Is there a place where I can get an old Owners manual for my machine?
    Thanks Oldy

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    Oldy, I'm really sorry to drop a bomb on you here but your unit is not only not in production but bob-cat isn't making parts for them anymore.

    If I were you, I'd keep my eyes peeled for another unit and keep yours as a back-up OR as a spare motor to possibly re-power a gear or hydro-drive.

    Those variable drive systems were frought with problems.
  3. Restrorob

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    Put the rear tires on blocks then slide up under. If you want to flip it on it's side but only for a few minutes flip it so the carb is facing up, But turn the fuel valve off before doing so and don't choke it after flipping it back down.

    Here is quite a few vari-drive components still available;
  4. oldmower

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    It looks to me if I adjust the 90 degree bell crank to put more tension on the small idler it will stop my belt from coming off. Is this correct? Should I try to locate a linkage rod to make the vari - speed controls operate?
    I appreciate all you help.
  5. themowerman

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    It sounds like the vari-drive clutch is frozen and not allowing you to adjust it. If you have patience and some time you may be able to free it up. If you can't free it up you may need to replace it. You can still get most of the parts you need for that machine at your Bobcat dealer. What is the model number of the unit?
  6. subs1000w

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    you could also go to a hardware store and buy a spring and hook the spring up to the tentioner pulley and that would keep the belt from coming off

    i have a 36in bobcat with the vari drive and it really only has 2 speed slow and slower which is fine for walking behind it but slow if you wanted to ride behind it and its working properly, once you understand how it works its pretty easy to adjust and make work properly just take a look at the pics at j-thomas website and you should be able to figure it out

    the real problem here is the fact that your using a 32in wb to cut a 2acer yard wow is all i can say 2.5hrs of just walking behind a mower should put you in real good shape and doing it with a 21 would be much much worse
  7. themowerman

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    Cleaned and adjusted properly....that vari-drive clutch will take you from a slow walk to a slow jog. These clutches usually corrode and freeze up from lack of use. Most guys mow one speed and that is the speed that they usually freeze up in. Then as your belt wears and starts to glaze and slip, the belt can come off. As far as the owners manual...I need your model number and I will see what I can come up with.....
  8. oldmower

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    You guys are the best. The model # is XM3203, serial # 000247
  9. themowerman

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  10. themowerman

    themowerman LawnSite Senior Member
    from NJ
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    You will need to type in your model number on the CGC site as xm3203

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