Help with older ferris WB trans numbers ?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by turfeater, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. turfeater

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    Looking for some help to find out what transmission will fit . I have a "older" still going strong.... less weak trans ..its a BFG 36 12.5 ka belt .although the real written in hand etched model number... was 36 12.5 KA serial 459 .I take this was one of the first off the line ?

    I'm trying to save some $ from buying from ferris dealer if possable. The ferris number i got was 5022246 its a 5 speed .. on trans it had,, P1 3628 I tried to look up on tecumseh peerless and no luck ..

    Q ,, would a 700 series Tecumseh Peerless work ? Does any one know if its a 9 spline or 36 ? Also the shifter
    rod would need to be the same to match .

    How to go about to save some here ?

    thanks already rt
  2. turfeater

    turfeater LawnSite Member
    from ohio
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    Any help here apreciated ..rt
  3. MowerMedic77

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    The number you gave 3628 P1 is from the top of the trans like in the pic.

    You need the number off of the metal plate between the case halves like in the second pic.

    With this number you can order one from


  4. topsites

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    You'll need to look closely at the couplings on either side of the transmission to determine this... Simply put the number of splines is the actual number of teeth that mesh between the coupling and the transaxles, so a 9 spline is a very coarse looking gear and the 36 spline is such a fine toothed mesh it almost looks etched in comparison.

    You still can't see it here but in this picture below the small black one is the coupling like on my Toro, you need to look up inside of there center hole and see if you can see the gears... They move a little from side to side if that helps.

    Then another picture of a 6 spline, the big shiny top gear I posted this next just so you can see the gears, up inside those cogs are the gears the 9 spline is almost as rough looking... Let me know if you need me to draw arrows pointing to the cogs.

    Then the last picture is of yet a different gear that is 36 spline on the very left the outside teeth inside of the plastic cover that is 36 teeth. See how rough the 6-spline cogs look in comparison to the 36 fine splined teeth?
    That's the difference you're after, if it's fine then it's 36, if it's rough like cogs it's 9.

    The absolute last picture shows raw splines, that's like a transmission end from a car but see those teeth, that's splines.

    And on a 9-spline you can count them, there are 9 teeth that mesh the coupling and transaxle together.
    You could try it on the 36, I am sure it would add up but it's a lot harder to do.




  5. turfeater

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    thanks guys ,,I'll try to find the plate this week end , although I don't think it has one but, I may have missed it some how ..

    If I determine what spline count it is , will that be enough info to buy one ..?
    concerned about the shifter shaft matching up too.
    The speeds could be a little off , I don't care bout that as long as its not to big of a change ..

    I saw a few advertized on ebay for 159 ,,That would be doable
  6. topsites

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    Yes and no, better off getting the right one vs. saving a few dollars, my experience. You need the spline count regardless but you still need to find out what model your Wb takes, specifically you should be able to find this via the Parts manual or maybe your dealer. At least take us a picture of a close-up, there should be some numbers like 700-036 or something that is the number you need is the actual transmission model.

    For all the money you'll save, if you get the wrong shift mechanism you will have to pull the cover off both old and new and swap this internal gear mixing used and new parts and then use some special gasket making material and void the warranty and all, I mean they run about $200 regardless...?

    I know, I went through this school once, must've ordered 3-4 before I finally got the right one and it wasn't even entirely my fault so get the information at least then you know it's not your end. It's worst the first time around, after that it's not so bad.
  7. turfeater

    turfeater LawnSite Member
    from ohio
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    I'll be #^# I found the serial # plate 700-32 ..
    so it is a 700 series.. So..from what I understand , I can match with a 700 and right spine count I sould be good to go ?

    thanks ron
  8. fireman1173005

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    where did you find the plate, I can't find mine, and can you tell me the part # your ordered mine has the same #s on the top
  9. piston slapper

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    The tag should have been located in the slot in the referenced in the second pic in this post....they are removable and it may have fallen out...
    In any case...all you should really have to find out is whether you have a 9 spline shaft or a 36 spline shaft....the transmissions are pretty much universal on commercial walkbehind mowers...
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  10. pugs

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    No, you should get the replacement for your actual number. However your number is missing a digit. It should be 700-XXX. There should be 3 numbers not 2. Sometimes there is a 4th digit as a letter like 700-070A

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