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    I got a call to give a estimate for a paver stone driveway. It is 10ft wide and 60ft long the one he is going with are .88 each so do i charge him 2.64 each the drive is 600 square feet info on this
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    Not sure in your neck of the woods, but around here it is per square foot to install. This square foot price covers QP stone, sand, and pavers. Might want to throw in a charge for excavating as well. By the way for a driveway, we install 8-10" of QP then 2" of stone dust/ sand as a base. Might sound like overkill, but driveways take a beating.

    If you have not done a driveway before, I would recommend starting small- as in sidewalk. Driveways are a great deal harder and require much more know how, laser levels, Bob Cat for excavating, site prep.

    Good luck.
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    Almost forgot, dumping charges as well for any dirt, gravel, old tar/ cement that exists now in the driveway. Tree roots, as well. Never know what you will find when you start digging.

    Also, make sure to consider drainage and pitch.

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    I agree with lawnboy also we take the size of the project sq ft into considaration more sq ft less per sq ft .example if you doing walkway lets say 130 sq ft you will charge more per sq ft than a job that is 1200 sq ft! so my average cost per sq ft labor only is $6-$7 per sq ft
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    if you're still thinking about the job you're going to have to do some research about proper base materials and depth, compacting it in lifts, getting a proper pitch.

    read up on for more information about it. i did a 975sq raised patio at my house after researching. the patio had curves and an intricate pattern. It came out awesome. I'd love to do our driveway after i finish up a few more 'projects' at the house.

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