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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by HARRIS Property Management, Oct 19, 2009.

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    I bought a Permagreen Centri last week. I decided to go with a used unit and graduate up to a better (or newer) machine as business progresses. Looking at the sprayer, Im not sure the hoses are connected correctly and need some input. The intake hose at the bottom of the tank and the agitation line at the top of the tank are connected together with a tee and then go into the pump. Is that correct on this unit. My thinking was the agitation line should be tee'd in after the pump with a valve to be able to switch from agitation to the spray nozzle. Can anyone conform this on this unit? Or is that line used as a pressure relief instead of a agitation line?
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    Use an Ultra not Centri. I think you are right. And I think the line at the top of the tank is more pressure relief than agitation, (no valve needed). There should be a round black thingy with a rubber diaphragm which is factory set at 10 lbs sq inch for pressure relief.
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    There is a black mechanism on the end inside the tank. I looked it up on the PG web and it is a pressure reg like you said. I would assume the only thing i need to do is add a tee on the other side of the pump and its good to go.
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    I never had a centri, but I did have many of the REALLY old "cavalry" models.... (I only have Magnums now.) And I disconnected all the hoses except the one going from the tank to the pump to the sprayers. I only really used one set of sprayers, so I disconnected all the other ones for simplicity. As far as agitation, I never had a problem, there are enough bumps on the lawn that created enough agitation. For pressure relief, the lid on has a pressure relief built in.

    Maybe this really doesn't help you, but it might help some other readers.

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