Help with poa anna and goosegrass

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Luscious Lawns, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. Luscious Lawns

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    With the safety concerns about atrazine compounds, I'm looking for a selective cool season grass killer. I looked into Revolver but it is not labeled for residental turf. What is residental labeled for selective cool season grasses. We'll be using this over bermuda turf.
  2. roundup will work great on bermunda, when it is dormant
  3. ThreeWide

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    Revolver is now labeled for residential turf unless I am mistaken.

    As Timturf said, you can use glyphosate for winter weeds. Just make certain the Bermuda is truly dormant. I'm in your area, and despite the warm temps of late, the Bermuda is still dormant. Still need to keep an eye on that as every lawn is different. If it isn't all dormant today, just wait another week for the cold weather to return.

    Also, you can use Simazine to get rid of the Poa. Simazine is very similar to Atrazine, but without the baggage. Even though Simazine is a pre-emergent, it has good post control on Poa and other grassy weeds. In fact, you can subsitute it for other pre-ems this time of year.

    Revolver is a sure thing on your Poa, but it is also costly.
  4. snap12.5

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    will this stuff work on controlling creeping bentgrass?
  5. Luscious Lawns

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    You're right Turf unlimited. I had foolishly believed what Lesco said and had posted to their webpage. After checking with CDMS, on 8-5-2003 Revolver was re-labeled for residential turf.

    Way to go Lesco. You're only 16 months late with your product update.

  6. TurfGuyTX

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    Thanks for the info.
  7. T Edwards

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    Can you guys tell me how to pronounce "poa annua" phonetically? I've heard it butchered many ways, but mainly I hear "po AN' na".
  8. Luscious Lawns

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    With our southern accent (po AN a) sounds about right to me.
    BTW with the warm weather we've had lately the Revolver has already started to wilt the Poa. Looks like Revolver is the silver bullet. However at $175.00 a quart a brodcast app. would be very expensive.
  9. khutch

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    With the warm GA. winter this year, how can you be sure the bermuda is really dormant
  10. What does dormant turf look like?

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