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Either Zoysia or Bermuda will be fine in your conditions. Larger plugs/sprigs would survive better if you did the plugging later in summer, but if you can get more 1" plugs then I'd do that, and do it when daytime temps are staying in the 80s.

Soil test the underlying soil first, if the pH is below 6, amend it. If its above 7, start with Tiger 90 sulfur and start the process to get it towards 6.5. Fix any big issues with P and K.

Water religiously, fertilize at 1lb N/1000 religiously every 6 weeks to start it out, it'll run and fill in. Since its a new lawn, you'll probably need 1-2 lb P/1000 to be there when you plug it. Cut short, religiously, it'll do the rest.

If you're plugging a hybrid zoysia (or bermuda), there are no seeds. Do NOT seed it with another variety either, let the runners fill itself in. I have never mail ordered plugs, its always available around me, so I don't know how well that will turn out.

In winter, yes it may go dormant. It will at least slow way down. Basically a frost will stop most varieties altogether, a warm week, or especially a warm rain in winter, will wake it right back up. I wouldn't expect it to be lush green all winter, it may turn half brown. Someone in your area would know better about the temps.
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