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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by anthony, Mar 22, 2002.

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    was asked to bid on a program for a football field . chem lawn has it now but there contract is up in april.
    chemlawn and my self are the only 2 bidders.
    there was one application put down already,mostlikely pre-m.
    the sports dept showed interest in early seeding (they have a sprinkler system) but what concerns me is what they put down and the seeding....


    whats a ballpark price for a treatment program.
    2 pre-m treatment
    1 fert/broadleaf control
    2 fert treatments
    and if seeding is in the plan
    what kind of fert.,weed control program is recomended?
    thanks ,anthony
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    This was probably done to screw-up anyone from taking over the next year.
    Well this negates any spring seeding, their paperwork should state what they applied, if it does't turn them in to the dept. of Ag in your state.

    Correct me If I am wrong but are you new to fert apps? If so I would pass on sports field. You will not out quote TG. If you do you will compromise your credability. Do you have aerator? Twice a year on sports fields. If beginner I would pass on job. If not why not just apply typical program.

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    Athletic fields are high maintenance turf areas, there are numerous things to consider when contemplating submitting a bid for a fertilzation program. I have had a few years experience on athletic fields, (sand based soccer field, baseball and astro turf playing surfaces) the soccer field because of the design required monthly fertilzation, the baseball field was fertilized every 6-8 weeks. Do a search at Virginia Tech turf management, you will find that they have programs for cool season and warm season turfgrasses athletic fields. As I said alot of things to consider.
  4. anthony

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    there was one application put down already,mostlikely pre-m.
    the sports dept showed interest in early seeding

    WENT THERE TODAY. and walked the fields and found the pestcide flags drenched with pre-m.well there goes the spring seeding.
    i will get back to you all in a few days. thanks for the replys.

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