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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Rebel, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Rebel

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    I am new to the landscape business and I need some help with some pricing issues. I have been asked by a local builder to start landscaping his new houses. The City code requires that 10 shrubs and 2 trees (2" cal.) be planted in this location. I have been in the lawn care business for 7 years now and have never really gotten into the landscape part. By me and my crew showing up week end and week out on time to the area, the builder finally started the conversation which lead to a great money maker for my company. Now, I did four houses on Monday and spent just under $800.00 on 40 shrubs, 8 trees, and 3 yards of mulch. The prices for the shrubs average out to be between $9.25-$10.00 per shrub. The trees were $41.25 a piece. I spent 7 hours of labor on the project with just one other employee. What is a good and fair price to charge for each lot, there were 4 lots? We did cut the beds in also. Any help will be greatly appreciated! ;)
  2. TurfdudeNCSU

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    Well man... If I were doing the job I would price them at $845.00 per house. Thats $510.00 in materials and $335.00 in labor.
  3. ooo

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    If I understand everything correctly:

    $940 for trees and shrubs
    $060 for 3 yds mulch
    $500 Labor
    $1500 Total
    $375 Each Lot

    Can adjust a little lower or higher how you see fit
  4. Rebel

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    That is what I came up to. The past two days I have mauling over prices and this is what I am coming up to. My figures right now are $390.00 a lot. I do thank you for your time and reply.
  5. Rebel

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    To get $510.00 in materials, how much are you marking up your prices per shrub? This seems to be alot? I am interested in your numbers if you do not mind showing me. Thanks for your reply.
  6. grassyfras

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    Dont forget your basic overhead for the year. And non-billable hours
  7. TurfdudeNCSU

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    On landscape installs we usually markup our material 80-100% to cover delivery and warranty. Just rough figures I estimated..
    10 shrubs= $200
    2 trees=$160.00
    Labor is based on Overhead and Markup that you are wanting to make= $335.00
    Totals= $845.00 per house

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