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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by jdigreg2, May 30, 2008.

  1. jdigreg2

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    Hi everyone, i recently got a landscaping job and i am having trouble figuring a labor price to tell the man. Below is a summary of the work:

    -Create an approx. 14 X 3 curvy bed in the front of home out of lawn
    -Remove medium size tree (8 in. diameter) and roots and dispose
    -Turn soil and add peet top soil etc. with some minor leveling.
    -Stacked brick retaining wall around bed 2 bricks high. (higher around edge to level)(customer wants bricks sitting on buried cinder blocks for stability so a 1 ft trench will need to be dug).
    -pick up and planting of 1 rose bush, 1 butterfly bush, 3 spruce, 6 juniper a couple other shrubs and a few flats of impatiens.
    -Mulch area

    If anyone could help me decide on a labor price for this work i would greatly appreciate it. I'm thinking somewhere around 1000 but I'm not sure. I don't want to overprice and loose the customer.
  2. GraZZmaZter

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    First of all, learn how to read ... this is lawn care section.
  3. wheels910

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    bout $60. It's the going rate in this forum.
  4. jdigreg2

    jdigreg2 LawnSite Member
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    you guys r cute, get over it
  5. wheels910

    wheels910 LawnSite Member
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    without seeing it, i'm gonna guess 2 guys, 1 day.

    The killers in estimating are:

    How much of the root system do they want out of the ground and why?

    Are the bricks already there, or do you pick those up to?

    Digging a curvy foot deep trench and laying cinder block in. Whew, hard to estimate. Not something I do everyday. Could be a time killer.

    The planting and mulching shouldn't be that bad.

    That's 16-20 hours of labor and $1000 would probably cover it unless you're used to making more or less. If you're worried about losing the job, bid in the $900's. Keeps that thousand dollar mark visually out of their mind.
  6. jdigreg2

    jdigreg2 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks alot wheels, finally some1 mature enough to just help me out. i appreciate it just wanted a second opinion which is exactly wat u gave.

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