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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by firecapt13, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. firecapt13

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    I have a customer that wants approx 175 azaleals planted along a fence line. I was wondering what would be a ballpark estimate for this. I have been working on ideas and want to make sure i am in right range. Thank you.
  2. WalkerMike98

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    We normally charge wholesale x 2.7 per plant. Hope this helps
  3. baddboygeorge

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    You Buying Plants Or Just Planting!!
  4. richallseasons

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    are you suppling the plants or the labor or both? if both what are you paying for a plant? how many guys are working the job? how long do you think your crew will take to complete the job? are there any other expenses?
  5. MudslinginFX4

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    My price would be around $2500. That is approx. $1000 material and $1500 labor. Not bad for one day of work with 2 guys. I would also supply dirt, but that wouldn't cost me $50 for 175 plants.
  6. LB1234

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    ONLY 2500? I don't know if YOUR materials cost will be less than 2500.

    Assuming azaleas cost YOU $15ea. I would charge the customer 30 each w/ a 1yr guarantee, 23 for no guarantee . Any weedfabric, mulch, soil preparation, topsoil, humus, fertilizer, etc?

    Assuming new bed I would say plant one azalea every 3 175 azaleas will get you ~525ft. Assuming bed will be 3' wide, 525' long, and 1' high...that gives me ~30 yards if I 'triangulate' it. Assume 15yds topsoil, 15yds humus that'll cost you around $20/yd or ~$600...i'd charge 900 for that material...more if delivery charge. How about weed fabric...assume $30/800ft2 your cost. Say you'll need three rolls thats $150 in landscape fabric. Okay, mulch, plain old dbl shred hardwood for 1600ft2 @ 3" thick due to new bed. Your looking at 15 yds mulch...assume 65/yd installed.

    So far I have $5250 for 175 gauranteed plants, $900 for the 50/50 bed blend, $150 for fabric, and $1000 for mulch (installation included). I'm at 7300 with no labor (except for mulch) and no machine rental/time. I'm thinking this job is 10-12k.

    I'm I missing something here?
  7. start2finish

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    there is a nursery in Greensboro that you can buy 3 gallon azeleas for $8.00 each. We never guarantee any plantings unless we either install or approve the irrigation system and even then we tack on a premium for the guarantee. (not shown on the estimate) so 175 plants $2,800.00 plus any grading, prep work, plus mulch or pine needles. Also there is a guy that travels to GSO daily with pine needles for $3.65 a bale (landscapers/professionals only) his homeowner price is $4.00/bale. He will install on your property/job for $6.25/bale including bales. so your mulch covering assuming a 4 foot bed and azeleas one row on 4 foot centers (wouldn't be very attractive) your area is 700 sq ft x .25 for thickness, divided by 27 = 6.5 cubic yards or 30 pine needles. $8.25 a bale or 33.00 a yard 215-250 for mulching. We only figure these rates when we are planting. So some guys may charge more for mulching. We don't do any mulching or needling unless it is a new planting. hope it helps also any equipment time for planting we don;t tack on because our equipment is a tool just like a shovel it makes life easier and more productivity. it is figured in the 16.00 per plant rate
  8. MudslinginFX4

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    I Get 3 gallon Azaleas here in Raleigh for $5.50 each ALL DAY LONG, Almost any type you want!

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