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  1. lawncarebrandon

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    I am a newbie at lawn care I just started this year and had a few questions if anyone can answer them? First my sthil fs90r weed eatter keeps shutting down it will idle for about one min. then shut down.Second my Dixie Chopper back fires and someone told me it would be because of water in the carborator but I am not sure if that is right.Last I have a website
    [ if anyone could look at my site and give me any advise I would be most thankful. I am located in Brandon, Fl and I am looking for site to link my website to and from. Thank You for your time.

    A Brighter Lawn Service
  2. clean_cut

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    The website looks pretty good, there are a few typos, such as mis puncuation and forgetting "and" in the Tips section. In the coupons section you have REFER A NEIGHBOR IF THEY RECIEVE SERVICE FOR ONE MONTH YOU GET A MONTH FREE OF LAWN MAINTENANCE FREE"-month free of lawn maintenance free

    I also don't like the top of the page with the hard blocks around the words, it doesn't blend very well it needs to be rounded edges or something. The sun with the mower doesn't blend very well either, maybe just take the blocks off of the text. I might choose another picture for the header also, it is sort of blurry.

    I really liked the tips section though. If I were you I might put something like "visit our website to view tips on keeping your lawn looking its best" or something like that just to get them to visit your site.

    About the trimmer, try adjusting the idle speed screw or maybe even the carb, make sure to look up your manual so you know what you're doing, or you could even get one from

  3. LawnoftheMonth

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    Your website is crazy, lol. I can't read any of the text because the colors clash too much for my eyes, but it does look cool, over all.
  4. White Gardens

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    If the Dixie has a Kohler, then just let it idle for 10-15 seconds before shut down.
  5. MarkintheGarden

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    Your trimmer may need to have spark screen removed and cleaned on the muffler exhaust.
  6. lawncarebrandon

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    I will try to make the change required. Thank You for all your help with the honest answers they really helped me out. I will repost my page in a few weeks to see if the changes are correct. I already love this site and I have been on for less than a week. If anyone else could look at my site that would be great thanks again from Sam. My website is
  7. MarkintheGarden

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    Yeah, this is a great site. I had been in business for six years when I found this site, and wished I had seen it when I first started.

    So did you get the problems worked out with your machines? I am curious if I was right about the spark screen being the problem with the trimmer.

    I looked at your website, I think that it looks good!

    How is business in your area? I have family in Tampa!
  8. Richard Martin

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    I have a question for you....

    Being a first year guy how did you land all of those top tier properties? Also, why is your website copyrighted 2007? I thought you were in your first year?

    Inquiring minds want to know....
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