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Help!!! with punch master landscape pro

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Billpa, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. Billpa

    Billpa LawnSite Member
    from pa
    Messages: 103

    I just picked up punch master landscape pro. Some of the program seems pretty straight forward but like most other people that have tried it I’m having trouble importing a pic and getting it to look right. I know this program doesn’t compare with pro landscape but after viewing some of the punch photo’s on lawnsite I know it will work for now until the budget allows me to upgrade to better software. Problem being everyone that posted good results in the past seems to have disappeared.

    Is there anybody out there?
  2. leadarrows

    leadarrows LawnSite Senior Member
    from N/A
    Messages: 925

    I wish I could help you I gave up on it and took it back where I got it. I have a cheep one I got from nothingbutsoftware.com and it works better than Punch.
    OK so it might have been me but I couldn't find any helps so back it went. Good luck I'll be watching this thread.
  3. Billpa

    Billpa LawnSite Member
    from pa
    Messages: 103

    Yeah i see many gave up on it but once i saw the result other people had i figured i could do it. i'll have to check out the site you listed to see what they have. thanks

    i think if i could just get the pick the way i want it before i import it i'd be ok. all the picks i have on the hard drive show most of the front lawn and this apparently doesn't work so tomorrow i'll try to take some new pics but i'm sure i'll still need to remove some of the front lawn.

    anyone know how i can crop out just what i want and then resize the image to fit the frame? once i crop and copy something and then paste it there is a large blank area around the pasted image instead of filling the entire frame. i'm trying to do this with paint and other various digital camera programs but i apparently don't have the know how to make it happen.

  4. desertrat

    desertrat LawnSite Member
    Messages: 86

    I have punch and hate it. I do know that it takes a picture and shows it as a line in everything but the 3-d view. I have used lots of software, but I find Punch very difficult to use. I have pretty much given up. I fly around the helicopter, get lost and can't find the green area. I got a free trial from pro landscape and is just a demo. I want a 30 day trial before I spend $1200. I e-mailed them, and haven't heard back. I really like the software, but I need to try it out for a while before spending the money. Back to Punch, search on the punch site and there are some forums that people discuss the problems they are having, and there is some good info. I just talked to a outdoor kitchen design guy and he uses Punch. His stuff looks great. I told him I had a hard time with it and I guess I am just an idiot. He has no problems and loves it. I told him about Pro landscape but he is very happy with Punch. One thing about a picture, it is not 3-D, and there is no program that can make it so. Basically, all you can do is put stuff "in front" of the picture, change the size to give the look of depth. You can never go into the picture, not even Photoshop will do that. but, Photoshop will give you 30 days free and do millions more than Punch and in many way more than Pro landscape for $650. I am saving up for Pro landscape.
  5. Clear View Landscapes

    Clear View Landscapes LawnSite Member
    Messages: 15

    The key to importing pics with Punch! is that you have to do straight forward shots, a perfect 90 degree angle, and fairly close.

    Clear View Landscapes
  6. Billpa

    Billpa LawnSite Member
    from pa
    Messages: 103

    Thanks for the advice, I’ve made good progress with the program but I’m having trouble with the lighting, when I add lighting the light itself will shine but it will not project any light onto the landscape, also I wondered if you can change the angle or direction of the uplighting and if so how?

    i think the program is ok but it really lacks in directions and would be much easier to learn if they’d just improve on that, of coarse I’ll still get pro landscape once I’m able to but this program seems to do ok once you figure it out.

  7. Billpa

    Billpa LawnSite Member
    from pa
    Messages: 103

    Also, is there any way to freehand the ground fill area lines? I can only seem to make straight lines and then drag on the points to make a curved bed edge which is a pain and it’s hard to make a nice flowing curve with this method.
  8. KurtisInIowa

    KurtisInIowa LawnSite Member
    Messages: 60

    I just bought Punch MLP last weekend...just happened to be what they had at Best Buy. User friendly this is NOT. I don't know CAD and I don't have 100 hours to learn it. Wait till you try to add the elevations to your 3-D project. What a nightmare. If you are an engineer or a designer and need this powerful program, then fine. But don't believe anything it says about being 'intuitive' or 'easy to use!' It's the most ridiculously complicated software I've ever seen.
  9. LHlandscaping

    LHlandscaping LawnSite Member
    from PA/ SW
    Messages: 100

    I have the same problems with mine. Being in PA its hard not to draw a design on a slope and when you do with punch it gives you some very interesting results. Using the program makes me dizzy more than anything else. Sorry I'm not much help. The only advice I could offer you is to harrass the good people at punch ASAP!
  10. LHlandscaping

    LHlandscaping LawnSite Member
    from PA/ SW
    Messages: 100

    Hey Bill from Linden Pa. I have some good friends in Linden. Ever hear of Johnny boy Fulton. Him and I where in the Marines together. His Mom and Dad still live up there. Linden is a nice area. I wish I lived closer because Johnny bought himself a nice little Kubota L-35 I could put to good use. Cordially, Bill from Johnstown PA

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