Help with Sched C Please

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Dan1944, Feb 4, 2003.

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    My suggestion is since you have no experience with schedule C then this year go to a CPA to do your taxes this year.

    Go to local library and check out 'JR Lassiter' tax book that comes out every year and other tax manuals and start reading about business deductions, schedule C filing,etc.

    Go to IRS web site and start ordering their free booklets about business deductions or anything else your interested in.

    Use the Search on this site to do searches for 'tax' or 'deduction' or '179' or 'CPA' or whatever else you can think of related to taxes.

    Next year buy H&R Block TaxCut or Turbotax for federal and state and do your own taxes. You will save money and become wiser about keeping track of your business costs/deductions instead of relying on a CPA.

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