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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by clallen03, Mar 15, 2007.

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    I'm giving a potential client an estimate on a full service package. Normally in my package I don't include seasonal color, but this yard already has a small bed by the mail box. since its already there I want to include this into my proposal. This bed is very small, about 20sqft, and it has pansies in it right now.

    Now I have planted pansies in a couple of my friends lawn just to get a little experience, but none were my reputation was on the line. The pansies I did plant didn't start blooming very well until about 2 weeks ago (I'll blame that on the warm winter).

    I need to know how many plants I will need per sqft and what do you'll use to amend the soil? I normally use 4in plants.
    How close should they be planted?
    Do you'll put anything like pre-emergent in the amended soil to keep weed out of bed?
    And any other info you'll think I might need to make the job as professional as possible.

    I need this info to find out my cost so I can get my proposal together.

    All help is appreciated!:)

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    I normally include that in my yearly agreements. I include it at a charge of $150/turn. Once in the spring and once in the fall. So that is $300/year. I normally clear at least $100 each turn. It is not a great deal of money, but it goes a long way to keeping the customer happy and really making the customers home stand out to others.
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    Wouldnt this pricing be totally dependent on how big the bed is??
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    I use contracts, but say you spread the payments out over 12 months. Working very little in the winter the customer is holding your money from the heavy spring and summer months. My problem is when they move and you lose out. Say you bust your butt from January thru Aug and they move.....

    I just had a reg pay as you go customer ask for a monthy/year cost. I drove by the house today and it's for sale! No way will I do a monthly for him!

    Plus! I never include flowers or mulch/pine straw into the contract. You are dividing say a 100 bale pine straw job up over 12 months for way!

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