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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by eddies services, May 23, 2010.

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    Question for all professional LCO'S from a confused homeowner.

    Here's the situation: This has happened twice in the past 5 years.
    I hire a small local service provider who at first seems anxious to get new accounts. All goes along fine for the first year or two and then suddenly the service starts to fall off . Skipped appointments,sloppy cuts,billings for missed appointments, no response to requests for landscaping ,mulching etc.
    My last LCO finished off last year with fall cleanup and simply stopped showing up at all this year. Phone calls went to voicemail with no response.

    I spotted their truck/trailer nearby doing a cut for a large commercial customer so I stopped to ask the crew whats up with my service.

    The owner was not there and his crew said that they are very busy with new large accts but they would inform the owner of my concerns. This was 2 weeks ago still no answer from the owner.

    While I am a small residential customer under 1/4 acre in north/ central N.J. I was paying $35 per cut once per week, $250. for spring cleanup, $250. for fall cleanup $50 for weed and feed application and $50 for grub application plus I offered to pay for annual mulching .

    I have called 3 other locals for service and offered to set up pre payment with my charge card but have been told by all 3 that they are all booked up for this season.

    After all I have read on these forums from LCO's that are losing accts and are fighting to retain customers and get new accts I just don't get it.

    Anyone have any insights or suggestions on finding a new service provider?

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    I didn't know there was any grass growing in Newark NJ.Seriously those guys fighting for accounts live in less affluent parts of the country where there's a lot of competition for any type of work;we here in North Jersey don't seem to have that problem and can be picky choosing what and who to work for.I'm sure now that you're here on lawnsite there's got to be someone open to new accounts ,who services your area;how about it guys?

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