Help with shrub identify.

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by no_Wedge, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. no_Wedge

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    I believe this is a Japanese privet but not sure, need some better advice here is pics, ir produces a back podded seed. Also can it be pruned way down, since it has grown to be hitting the roof. what would be recommended to replace this with that is similar to cover the side of the house somewhat?

  2. kemco

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    Im pretty sure you are correct about it being Jap privet but I pulled out my shrub book to double check and I think you are correct. To quote about the seed pods "flat black with degrees of wax. 1/4" diameter oval rounded drupe, maturing Sept to Oct and often persiting through winter..." etc (pg 683 Manual of Woody Landscape Plants, Dirr, 6th ed.) got to give credit where credit is due. From the reading Dirr advises against heavy pruning due to it looking a bit "disfigured" and that the edges of the leaves that have been cut will brown a lot. Hope that helps.
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    Also, looks like you have a fungi problem there also.

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