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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by hairyscotsman, May 1, 2013.

  1. hairyscotsman

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    Hi guys excellent forum.I am based in Scotland UK and own a pressure washing business and i am looking to incorporate a soft wash into my business.
    I was reading an old post circa 2004 and it mentioned witch pitch and why it wasnt very good and a couple of the posters said that "bob " was the man re soft wash and he would help..So if bob is around can he or indeed anyone help..I am looking for a system that will not break the bank and have come across a very expensive soft wash systems but wonder what you guys use.
    Anyone needing info or help on golfing or fishing in Scotland them im your man !

  2. georgialawn88

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    order xjet from make sure you have good soaps and a good pw and ur set my friend
  3. Doug Rucker

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    Call Paul at I bought my soft wash system from him. In fact bought 3 of them because our soft washing got so busy.

    Click HERE for a link to the one I ogt.

    Dollar for Dollar it's the best buy on the market for Soft Washing. X jets are good for reaching high lengths, but I find to be a pain sometimes for house washing. With my soft wash system from Paul we can reach 2-3 story homes easily though.
  4. Roof Cleaning Virginia

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    The 'Bob' that you seek is likely Bob W, owner of PressureTek Dot Com. Since you mention a pitch witch I presume you're interested in roof cleaning. Stay away from x-jets for that of course.

    We hail from Scotland, generations back. Feel free to call me (EST) if I can be of help.
  5. andy0211

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    I think that soft wash would be a great incorporation for your business and I know that it would increase your revenue as well. I own a Pressure Washing company in Houston, Texas.
  6. slowleak1

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    So in other words you have nothing usefull to add to this thread and are trying to get your google numbers up. Got it. LMAO.

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