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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by SimonCX, Jan 14, 2008.

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    I was looking for ideas on how to do steps, I have 3 steps and a small landing out of cement which I want to mortar veneer stone in. I wanted to mortar 1" thick bluestone in natural broken up pieces to the sides and front of the steps and put a similiar tread on the steps which would be about a 12" x 60" piece. The problem is I wanted the tread to be one piece 1" thick, they said they don't make that and the only treads they have are just over 2" thick. I don't want to break up my steps but the tread they have will make the first step too high. I could use blustone in tile pieces for the tread but I really wanted one piece tread. I know I've seen people do bluestone over cement, anyone have any pics and supply yards in nj that could have this.
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    Are you sure you want blue on the treads. I fear it would eventually damage do to weather, foot traffic, and most likely snow shovels, plus it can get real slippery. I would use limestone, but its your call. I dont think you are gonna find a piece that size very easily. I cant think of anyone that would have it on hand, but you might have some luck with a kitchen counter maker or pool table maker. Someone that regularly has thinner pieces and can cut it up for you.
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    No it doesn't have to be bluestone treads, limestone or flagstone would be fine. The problem is with 2" treads the first step will be about 9-10 rise and 16" wide which is on the high side. I also though about putting stone veneer tile on top and stucco the sides and fronts to keep the rise under 8". I don't want to put alot of money into it because we will be selling the house soon and I just want to make it look better.
  4. shovelracer

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    What about throwing a skim coat over the old for the sale. A lot cheaper than facing them. If you mean man made stone veneer it wont work. I havent come across one that is meant for foot traffic. You should be able to find 1" 12x12 blue stone pretty easy and you could just mortar the gaps. Back to the blue again though. Really your best bet is to demo the stairs and start over, but if you are just looking for curb appeal and dont care about longevity just throw a skim over it.
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    Heres a few pics of some that ive done do not worry about the weather with bluestone of flagstone if you do it right you will not have any problems and you can seal it up a few weeks after you are done.

    2007 work 118.jpg

    2007 work 122.jpg

    skidloader 020.jpg
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    Thats what my dad said, just to put a skim coat on it. Thanks MRB thats what I looking to do.
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    How did you install the handrails ?

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