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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Carino Property Services, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Carino Property Services

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    Hello everyone, I'm New to the mowing bussiness and have done a search already on this subject but can't come up with a comparable thread. I have a 36" Exmark Turf Tracer and I need a sulky to use with this mower that will be good for mowing hills sideways. I live in Cental New York and have several small yards (about 18) with hills rangeing from 10 Degrees to about 40 Degrees. All feedback would be really appriciated. Thanks Tom
  2. Zr2_thunder

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    Im sorta new myself but have some knowledge about Sulky's , I personally Like the Proslide made by Novae
    SOme on this site like it as well other's dont, my second fav would be the Bullrider By if im not mistaken Trimmer Trap that sulky is a two wheeled sukly which lets you either set it to trailering mode or caster mode. alot of the members here have "jungle wheels" which is also a 2 wheel sulky but only trailering mode is avail The you can get a Velke 1 wheeled sulky which i dont really care for due to its ability to leave rut's in the lawn, Im sure if you type any of these sulky names into the search feature you will come up with a bunch of matches.from there you can then make a better determination on which you would like to purchase. Like i said its all up to the operator using the machine.
  3. Carino Property Services

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    Thanks I'm looking for people with experience using sulky's on hills. I also think proslide will be hard to turn on hills but not sure,I also think they are harder on drive lines of the mower. Thanks Again Tom
  4. MTR

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    I use Jungle wheels on my 52" TTHP/17 v twin Kawi, with 10 to 40 degreee hill, the Jungle wheels performs as what I want, except the steeper hill like 40-45 degree, I crabwalk along sulky by starting from the bottom and up, it is so easy to turn up and crabwalk cause the hydro makes you feel nothing (try belt, sorry). The steeper the hill, I crabwalk them and leave a beautiful cut, no rut and tear on turf, besides safe cut I don't want to fall and get injured.
    Doing hill, WB is the safest way to do...easy and safe.
    There are lots of guys running Z along the hill, but it is scary to see them tilt their bodies and tearing turf while trying to balance the weight on hill. I want to be safe every cut at my accounts.
  5. Artistic Lawns

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    Proslide here. Handles everything I throw at it.
  6. Roger

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    Do a search with "Bull Rider" and "Proslide" with my name. I tried a Proslide with my 36" mower and it couldn't handle it. The machine is too light and the Proslide controlled the mower, not the other way around. I bought a Bull Rider. Reading my threads with the experiences, you will find the castering mode did NOT work for me. Again, the machine is too small, footprint too narrow. I use it in trailering mode and get great use. I rode it today for jobs of 0.5, 1.8, 1.8, and 1.5 acres on my 36" Exmrk Viking. I was thinking when finishing the last 1.5 acre job -- "I would never have these jobs if I didn't have this sulky."

    I've never tried the Jungle Wheels or Velke X2, so cannot comment.

    I can do hills with some slope and ride, but on steeper ones, the Bull Rider sulky comes off and sits idle.

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