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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PORTER 05, May 4, 2008.

  1. PORTER 05

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    Hey Guys

    ive got a 48" 2006 Exmark Metro belt drive - with the ECS contols, i need a sulky for it any web-sites or places i can look, and about how much am i looking at for one of these i know theres tons of brands, anyone know how much the stand-on is from exmark? im also looking mayge at the jungle wheels , do these fit on my mower??.+ im trying to find somthing that will not leave any marks in my stripes so maybe somthing that will trace the wheels on the mower, thanks guys.
  2. bibbo

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    look at the wright velkie x2
  3. freshprince94

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    I believe the Exmark sulky is $500.
  4. shovelracer

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    The exmark sulky is real sweet. Actually the only part I like about it is the quick pin system that allows you to lock it in the upright position with a lift of your foot. Otherwise I cant stand seeing the center wheel mark and it drags going backwards. All our others are the Velke brand attachments and they work real good, but heavy or abusive workers cant use the single wheel. The double shakes a lot, but is probably the best all around that Ive used.
  5. Texas Mower Parts

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  6. PORTER 05

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    texas Mower Parts - will those doulbe wheels sulkys leave an addtional wheel marks in my strips, or do they go down the same line as the wheels on the deck mower, 48" exmark metro belt-drive, --- im going to buy one very soon..also how easy is it to mount to the deck mower? , can you take it off fast if you dont need it a ona lawn??


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