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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by High Humidity, Nov 29, 2005.

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    I have a new Super Z 52 w/25 Kaw. It is now equipped with a quik chute and flat fusion blades. My problem is with the chute down I have severe blowout from right front. It has done this from day one, even with the high lift blades it came with. What is the answer? Should I switch to true mulching blades when running with chute down.
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    The blow out is caused by the Qwikchute, you do not have a true mulch kit installed with separate baffles to stop it from blowing out.
    The purpose of the Qwikchute is to temporarily stop clippings from discharging, and not as a on demand mulch kit.
    If your unit is a full frame 52" Super Z you can install a blow out kit and this will help reduce the blow out, but only a true mulch kit with mulch blades and the blow out kit will stop the blow out.

  3. imograss

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    Blow out baffles will be a much needed item. I take them off in Spring and install them when the grass dries out in the summer. You will notice a major improvement with the baffles. This will not be a true mulching system but a way to keep grass out of beds, walks ect. Much more productive than a dedicated mulch system.
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    If you're in FL and mowing Floritam grass mostly, then take off the quickchute and get the mulch kit from Hustler along with the anti-blowout kit. That's the setup I have on my 52" Super Z. No lumps, no clumps and no blowout. You'll have to slow down "just a little" in July and August when the going gets really thick, but the rest of the year you can mow at top speed.

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