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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ToG, Mar 15, 2003.

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    i'm placing a bid on a storage unit complex that is about 21,000 sqft most of the turf is at about a 30* slope bordering a busy road. the turf also is infested with rocks and debris close to the road. it has the usual obstacles i.e., telephone poles, entrance signs, plus a run off trench that stays pretty wet. my concerns are mostly with throwing stones and trashing equipment. the property needs mowed twice monthly and the inside perimeter of the fence needs trimmed every other visit, that's about 600-800 linear feet. i would rather pass this one up, but i need the business and company hiring for the job is our realitor with whom we are in the procces of closing the puchase of our home. so, i may or may not have a lead on this one. anyway, i'm fairly new at the bidding process, and i don't want to sell myself short. thanks for any and all replies....
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    Price it with your per man hour rate and just doing the job with line trimmers or give an initial clean up price to remove the rocks and debree and a seperate price for maint!
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    I have one that is very similar.

    I use a 52" WB on as much of it as humaly possible with s*** blades that I don't care about. While I'm mowing, 2 guys are running trimmers on the steeper areas that I can't get to with the WB. I run the deck at the highest position BTW.

    Over time, you'll shave down the rocks and trash some blades. But, do what I do and charge accordingly...1.5 - 2 X a normal charge.

    Hope that helps.

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