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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turf Dancer, Apr 1, 2003.

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    I am in the process of bidding a nursing home this will be a 12 month contract. The Mowing season here runs from about the second week of March to the second week of November. (35-36 Mowings per year) if done weekly!

    This contract will include fertilizing 10000 sq. ft of turf

    There is around 13 hours of trimming and shaping shrubs per year.

    There is about 10000 ft of turf that will have to be bagged

    There is 4122 ft of trimming.

    Total turf area is 89,000 total square ft of Turf. 79000 can be discharged.

    This will also include keeping the front parking lot free of leaves and debris.

    What would you bit this at ? I only use 21" machines at this time and I am hoping to gain a few of these properties so I can get money to purchase a ZTR 52 or 60 Probably an Exmark or Hustler

    Please Help! I did get a little info from the Maintenance Manager and he said they had one bid of $875 per month and that was way too high ! I am guessing from what he said they are looking for something in the area of $600-650 per month
  2. LWNMWR1

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    i could do it for 545 a month but if they would take 6 then you wouldn't have to worry
  3. Tidycut

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    Here is my thinking on this bid.

    Fertilizing 10k of grass four times a year at $50 a pop = $200/yr.

    13 hrs of shrub trimming at $50/hr = $650/yr.

    Bagging 10k of grass weekly and hauling it away $50 x 36 = $1800/yr.

    Trimming 4122 linear ft. at 2mph (60 minutes divided by (2 x 5280ft per mile) = 0.0057) so 4122 x 0.0057 = $23.50 weekly. Times 36 = $845/yr.

    Cut 89k of grass and let it fly (priceless :p ). About 2 acres at $90 x 36 weeks = $3240/yr.

    Keeping the parking lot clean is a big question. How big is it? Is it a 1/2 hr worth of work? Then $30 x 36 = $1080/yr.

    Yearly total is $7815 divided by 12 months = $651.25.

    A few additional concerns might be mulch and the day of the week it needs to be serviced.

  4. Turf Dancer

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    They don't care about what day it is serviced, the Landscaoing company that has it now hasn't done it in two weeks and now they are considering me. The other company go's as long as three weeks sometimes so he is now about to lose this account.

    The front Parking Lot is a long one way drive way that can park about 10 cars diagonally on the left side. Not really big It could probablybe blown off in 5 to 10 minutes easy.
  5. IBGreen

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    That was a really good breakdown tcut. I'd say run it for $650.

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