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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by fourlevel, May 31, 2011.

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    First Post to Lawnsite here:

    Just installed 3 tier racks from greentouch on our open trailer rail, passenger side mounted. When mobile, they sway way too much for my liking: left and right > 1ft. Any suggestions on how to stabilize the racks a bit more from any seasoned vets here? My idea is to put up 2x4's behind them or weld / bolt something from the floor up to the top of the racks, and then weld a support bar or two from one rack to the other (surprised they didn't come with a support bar to tie them together) Any help is much appreciated. I can send pics if necessary.
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    Get a new trailer, one that uses square tubing instead of angle for the sides and frame.

    Seriously, make sure the sway is actually in the Racks and not the sides of the trailer bowing. I am assuming they are the Extreme racks which are made pretty stout. If not I would still check to se if it is actually the rack or what they are mounted to.
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    Thanks BMC. Seriously though, short of buying a new trailer (which is actually the best solution likely) which I don't think I'll be able to afford until end of season, any ideas anyone on stabilizing tecniques for racks? Someone out there has had sway in their racks and success in stabilizing them.

    BMC the sway IS in the racks, but it is angle iron sided, short sides at that, and the iron is weak, but it is definitely the racks that are swaying and not what they are bolted to. The solution I feel is more of an engineering problem. Anything bolted / welded at the base and free standing will sway, the taller the object the more the sway?
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    get the extensions.... mounted to the floor and the side rail the racks won't move. I have a cheap-o trailer with the angle iron rails and this is how my Jungle Jim is mounted and it doesn't move at all.
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    Had the same problem with mine. Fixed it. The top rail of my trailer wasn't fully wielded to its legs.

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