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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by sparcolawn, Aug 1, 2005.

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    i was just given a job of trimming multiple types of bushes that are about 10 years old, so they're very big, and they are combined for about 75' to 100' long, its very thick in areas, and is on quite a hill, so im going to have to rent a machine that can lift me up to the tops of most... what are some suggestions on pricing this? just looking at it i figured with three guys it would take about 2 days, if you need more info let me know, but any prices would help a lot!
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    Without seeing the job specs and equipment needed it's very very difficult to estimate numbers...

    If this were our quote we would work a couple things into our price: disposal fee (possibly including dumpster), machine lift(s), etc.

    Then we would bill by the man hour if it's as big of a job as it sounds like...

    When we deal with cleanups involving large trees we usually deal with 1 tree-specific company in our area. We'll get them to quote us a price to deal with the big trees, then we'll jack that price and work in our own stuff....

    Just some ideas! Good luck

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