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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by TheChiefsLawnCare, Dec 18, 2012.

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    Ok, I have an 06 MT GHS. I changed out the old style blower for the new hardened one. The one that has the extra piece of steel around the blower housing. So after cutting and grinding and fitting........!!!!!! lol, I finally got it to fit. My question is, the intake tube support bracket that I took off on my old style blower does not fit the new one. When I put it on, I had to grind off one of the little boxes that was welding onto the face plate only to find out that its now preventing the hydro fan from spinning and it also does not fit the circle in the blower housing where all the grass is fed. So can somebody tell me if there is a new style intake tube support bracket that goes with the new hardened blower because I talked to my dealer and the mechanic there and the mechanic said that they have not made any changes to that piece since around 2000. When I put the intake tube support bracket back up to my old blower, it fits likes a glove. So I'm lost. Id call walker now and see what they say, but I have work at 6 and I have been up since 6pm yesterday working over night. So any help or can tell me what I am doing wrong would be really helpful.
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    Bring it to Theriots and tell Chad to make it work.
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    Im dealing with joes right now. I bought the blower from him. I did some research before I decided to go to bed and its a new piece. The moved the tabs for where it bolts to. istead of bolting where the studs are that hold the face plate on, they bolt to the new bolt holes and little boxes theve welded on. So now Im aggravated cause I cut off the little block that it goes to. Forently it will still work just got to find out the type of screws I need (simple look on Walker's parts manuel). Imma take it to Joes tomorrow and show him what Im talking about so he can order me the new piece. I was hoping to use it tomorrow if I get to cutting. I might just call around before I have him place the order.
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    Got it to work. I sleep on it and when I woke up it hit me. The piece I have is still good because the hole where the grass is feed into the blower is in the same place as where it was with the older style blower. So i made the piece I have fit and it did wonders today when I cut till it got to cold lol. So when the dealer tells you it will fit, hes not lying, just have to "make" it fit. Trying to put new pieces on old stuff lol. Anybody want info on hows it done, just shoot me a PM

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