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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by exmarkking, Jan 7, 2013.

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    I work solo and have worked hard to maximize cash flow from every client. Some customers only want mowing and thats fine only counts for about a dozen or so of my 50 customers. One thing i have done is gone to a level payment system. My full service customers pay the same amount every month from march to december. I take all service and divide by the 10 months. I found that more customers are willing to pay $250 a month set amount vs a changing amount monthly. Some customers in spring were getting 700 bills. Few mows spring fert spring clean up irrigation turn on and so on. Some customers started dropping services due to changing bills and i was losing out on the money. Or payment was slow. With the level pay they decide on services charge as normal and divide by the billable months. I get payed faster and people are willing to pay for more. I will mainly do this for long term customers and people who are not price hunters. It has worked out very well and people have been happy.

    If that want mowing mow season i turn them into full service customers. After a season you get a good idea on the customers abillity to pay and what they are looking for. You always run into the guy/gal who likes to prune the few shrubs they have.

    Good luck....
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    I was talking to a client asking him what they did before the season to prepare. He mentioned that one of the focuses they have in the off season is reinforcing the amount of referral business they get by being proactive.

    They call all of their customers to confirm the upcoming work and at the same time do everything they can to get at least 2 names from each existing customer they have. Depending on the customer, they sometimes offer a small discount for the referral but usually people are eager to help you out if you do a good job for them.

    Whenever possible, they get the current customer to make the introduction for them! Not sure if in person or what? It's the same old story of word of mouth advertising being the most effective - they just give ppl a little extra push.

    Just an idea but one I thought could bring in a lot more $$$!

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    I figure were in the service business and the customer wons the house so I basically do what they want.

    Two changes Im in the process of doing is only taking on irragated accounts, and trying to push more winter time work.

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