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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by j-sin, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. j-sin

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    ok so I have been wanting to address this for a long time and have done
    "some" reading.

    I basically have weeds for a lawn. there is some grass that occurs naturally as I have never seeded or anything.

    I am a little confised on what steps to take and when to make the transition to a great looking lawn. So far I have learned that I am to do my seeding in fall

    so what are my options if I want to get started now?

    if I spray a broadleaf herbicide NOW wont I just have a bare lawn till fall?

    Do most people go ahead and spray now then seed for looks even though the grass wont do well since it was seeded wrong time of year?

    whats the steps I should take or plan to follow?

  2. Smallaxe

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    Here in the North we're generally able to seed in the Spring rather than put up with bare soil all season long... Not sure what you can do with heat coming on in a month or 2... we can use annual ryegrass but that will die off in the heat, where you are...

    There must be someone in the South who's worked out strategies other than spraying pre-m all summer long...
  3. j-sin

    j-sin LawnSite Member
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    IM in the Charlotte NC area
  4. agrostis

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    I wouldn't do anything now. Don't let this spring weather fool you. This is NOT the time to seed cool season grass, especially if you don't have irrigation. If you have weed's in the yard, just let them stay until Sept. 1. Then seed and do it right. You are wanting a fescue (cool season grass) lawn aren't you ? Or do you want a bermuda (warm season grass) lawn ? You need to figure this out, it's important. Whatever your answer i can help you do this right if you want.
  5. Bigfish8

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    I live in Raleigh and you cannot establish Fescue by planting it this time of the year, even if you plan to water the heck out of it. The hot sun from Mid-Jun through August will just bake it. Do you have lots of shade or is your yard fairly open? If your yard is fairly open I recommend you pass on Fescue and go with a Bermuda type grass. Yes, it will be brown in the winter but once established it will be much easier to keep beautiful in the summer.

    Live with the natural grass/weeds until early September. Plan what you want to do and get it established this fall!
  6. j-sin

    j-sin LawnSite Member
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    def gonna go with fescue.

    ok so my plan is to wait till sept 1st to seed?
    at what point will I need to apply post emergent hericide?

    after seeding or before

    in other words do we zap the weeds then plant or plant then zap the weeds
  7. Bigfish8

    Bigfish8 LawnSite Member
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    Spray the existing "grass" with Roundup or cheaper substitute to kill it around Labor Day. After a few days I recommend you plug the yard and then seed. If you lightly sprinkle the yard a couple of times per day you will have grass coming up very quickly. Most folks also apply fertilizer when they sow the seed.

    Once the grass is established I get lazy and use a lawn service to keep the yard properly fertilized and to keep the weeds under control. My yard is beautiful and is weed free!
  8. j-sin

    j-sin LawnSite Member
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    very awesome info thanks a bunch

    so basically I got this

    round up around labor day

    few days later aerate the yard
    then seed the yard at about 100 pounds per acre
    put down starter fertilizer AND lime?

    then keep the ground moist and dont let it dry out

    that a good plan?
  9. agrostis

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    According to my calculator you are going to need 267 Lbs. of seed per acre or 6 Lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. That would be ideal if you had irrigation. Since i don't think you do you might want to consider 8 Lbs. per 1000 or 356 Lbs. per acre. 100 Lbs. per acre is way to light. You need to use the best seed possible for your area.

    When you do seed put down the seed, fertilizer and lime all at the same time. Use pelletized lime for this. You probably need lime but get a real soil test first, don't guess at what you think the soil need's.

    Don't use pre-emergent herbicide until your new grass is well established. That usually mean's the following spring.

    Do you have the proper tool's to do all of this ?
  10. Banksy

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    Good thread. I'm in Johnston Co, NC. Right outside Raleigh. Half my "lawn" is weeds too. All types. My yard is also a grade from the street to the pond in the back.

    I stumbled on here from Plowsite.

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