Help With Wheat Straw Application Pricing


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South Carolina
Just making sure I am not missing something. I have never done much wheat straw. Seems simple enough, but for some reason, I feel I am not thinking clear on this one.. I have a customer that had a huge facility building torn down and they want wheat straw put over the entire area really thick to help keep the dirt from washing until they decide what they are doing to do with the area. It's all clay so nothing is growing in the area.

The area is aprox 2.5 acres. They want it really thick, at about 3 inches deep. How many wheat straw bales do you think it would take to cover an area that large and that thick? I have no idea on the pricing. I would assume it would be best to rent a straw blower. Seems like a lot of straw and a lot of work. Any help with pricing or number of bales estimated would be great. Thanks! I don't mind being a litte high on the price, but for some reason my math seems high. I am not sure how much area one bale will cover. A search on the internet says roughly 75 sq. ft, but then I probably want it double the normal thickness.

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