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Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by Steve, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Steve

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    I was contacted today by a member of an HOA board and they would like for me to bid in the future. They are not happy with their current crew. During our conversation via text, the person I spoke with says "Always willing to help people start up." and they have some experience with architectural landscape. So with that said I already have a small chance.

    I drove the property today and it appears the entire complex is handled by a lawn crew including front and back yards, however not sure about the garden area's. The total property is 21 acres, and there are between 20-30 buildings. I know the exact number, but I'm not putting it out on here. There are 2 large area's that total between 3-4 acres and the rest are peoples yards, very small. The entrance doesn't have a lot of landscape. In reference to fertilizing she said they sub that out, but I will clarify more on that.

    From talks with a few people, I could do this solo, would take an entire day, or I could hire some day helper's that I know.

    I have several months to plan this over and study the property. What do I need to know and be prepared for before I go in with a bid? Tips for wine & dine the HOA would be appreciated too.

    I've attached a small portion of the complex so you could see what it looks like around the units. If I had to guess off the top of my head, I would say it would be in the ball park of a $20k bid

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  2. lawndude28

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    How many weeks is your season? 20k seems pretty low based on the information you gave, the picture you showed has a ton of edging.
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    HOA boards are more headaches than you might think, I'd steer clear of trying to wine and dine them.. as you say. If you bid it accordingly then you'll get it. Most will even tell you (eventually) what their budget is for landscaping. If you have a few months then it will give you ample time to become friendly with someone on the board, theyll tell you all you need to know
  4. greenfire

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    "Always willing to help people start up" Means we are looking for the cheapest price from the new guy.
  5. jlbf0786

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    Right you are
  6. TX Easymoney

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    Not a job to test out new workers
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  7. OP

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    That did come to mind
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  8. hort101

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    It seems like it could be a good opportunity....
    I thought the same thing just be aware it seems you are Thumbs Up
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  9. sjessen

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    Yep. They are looking for “fresh meat.”
  10. TPendagast

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    no...youre not big enough to handle this...


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