help with yellow lawn

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Reliable1387, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Jimslawncareservice

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    what did you apply for weed killer?
  2. Reliable1387

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    In the new grass seed there I used Scott's starter and in all the browned areas just the Scott's weed and feed so far. No sprays or weed specific granules
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  3. Hissing Cobra

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    Have you checked for Chinch Bugs? They don't eat the roots but they do cause damage that looks very similar to what your pictures are showing.
  4. ron mexico75

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    Are we about to declare this as the most mysterious lawn issue on lawn site for 2014?
  5. nighthawk117

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    Haha !! I'm going with a disease due to the fact that in May, we got almost 7" of rain in the 14 out of 31 days. Temps were below average on many of the days, lawns and any grassy areas look bleached out to a certain degree, I see tons of red thread, lesions on the blades that resemble leaf spot or melting out and a lot of the earlier red thread has turned a wonderful blonde patch :) so I am guessing that this lawn was hammered with high N and maybe in turn forced disease due to that or a yeti pee'd all over it :D
  6. Green Leaf Turf

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    In the second group of pics, if you zoom in, you can see some lesions (not a whole lot though). I think it is dollar spot due to the amount of rain, then heating up and the only thing in question for me is how much N/M was applied. Down here fine fescue can take a beating when fertilized late and almost "burn" it up in a sense. I don't think you would see as much green in the mix of brown if it was a lack of irrigation issue.
  7. Reliable1387

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    Sooo, follow up, I finally got back to this lawn and its gorgeous. I thought things must have been ok cause the guys said it looked nice and she hadn't called bitching but I mowed it yesterday and was pretty pleased with it. I really don't know if it was a disease or not. I put down a fungicide (Scotts Lawn Fungus Control) and heavily over seeded the lawn a few weeks ago. I never went really high with any nitrogen on it, she had used TrueGreen 4ish years ago and then stopped treatment entirely. There are still a few spots in the lawn but for the most part she has the only green lawn on her street. I can now ride on the lawn without feeling the lawn move under my tires when I zero turn it.
  8. americanlawn

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    My dollar says it's a summer disease. Pythium, Dollar Spot, Brown Patch?? Need close up & wide view photos -- this way I could guess .... :waving:
  9. RodneyK

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    Looks like Necrotic Ring Spot to me. Second photo down you can see the rings and arcs. Plus in other photos you can see healthy turf in the middle surrounded by dead turf. Also explains the lack of roots, etc.

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