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    I have to give a bid for a residential property. I measured the mowing area which is 5700 SF. There aren't too many obstacles, so I will be able to use my 48" walk behind. There are 5 medium size bushes that need trimming twice per season. A visit will include mowing, edging, line trimming, & cleanup/haul away. My price came out to be about 32.50 per visit, $125 per month if contracted for weekly visits. Does this sound competitive? I have been doing snow removal services and am just starting the lawncare services. Any help would be appreciated...thanks.
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    is it a 8,9,10,12 month contract
    how many times will you be mowing
    here in ohio we mow approx 28 times a yr
    we offer 9mth and 12mth plans (12th includes snow)
    we figure by adding per cut x 28
    spring fall clean-ups
    fert and any other service requested
    and divede by the number of mths
    7500 sqft seems like you should get your mowing done
    pretty quick, my area per cut would be more toward the
    25 dollar range but thats my area not yours..
    hope ya get it!!!!!
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    I like the price, no lowballers here. This would be what I would do:

    $32.50 per cut and I will bill you at the end of each month.
    5 shrubs @ 1hr.=$35 *2=$70
    Any fall or spring cleanups done and billed as needed.

    I would never do a residential on a 12 month basis. I don't care what other people say, having the money now is always better than later. I can manage my money better than someone else can manage my money. Maybe its my finance and accounting background, but its called "time value of money". Why not put the money in the bank now and let it draw interest until winter? Residential customers can be to quick to make the lawn guy be the cutback in their budget. "Why sould I pay in Dec and Jan when nothing is being done." I do seasonal agreements. Soap box ended. :)
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    I'm a little higher up in WI than you are but the price is about what I would charge. But this is the price for not bagging the clippings.

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