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  1. David Gretzmier

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    grazerz- good luck on the account! I wish I had more like it dave g:)
  2. MOW ED

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    How is this one going for you as of 9-1-2001?

    I wish you well, what have you learned and what would you do the same or different on large jobs like this.
    What type of equipment did you start with and did you need to upgrade? Thanks.
  3. Kevin M.

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    what kind of trees are you deep root fertilizing and what r u fertilizing the trees with. Do you know how much water and material you need for trees and your charging this guy $ 7.50 a tree LOL. I dont fertilize trees for less than $ 75 a tree and we also fertilize trees twice a year with slow release fertilizer.
  4. cantoo

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    Kevin M you would price the 200 trees at $15000 per visit for a total of $30000 a year? I've never done this before and have only seen one or two companies that do it here.
  5. Kevin M.

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    Yeah I would charge that much and I use top shelf fertilizer and I doubt most of the trees need to be done but just once a year and also since your the only guy in town set the price for top shelf and high-tech work I do it every day. I have fertilized thousands of trees and I make very good money at it.
  6. GrazerZ

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    Hey guys, thanx for asking about the program. Here in Maine we have had little to no ran in the last two months. It has put a real wrench in my schedule. I have delayed my mid summer fert and grub applicattions until this week. Also the broadleaf weed spraying was half done when the drought hit us, so I'm waiting for a bit more rain. Fall is a good time for weeds anyway.

    As for the trees We fertilized all of them with Arbor-green from lesco. I have to say that the trees look great,especially compared to how they looked last year. Oh by the way, I deep root injected them on a two year program. The fert is a little pricey at around $50.00 per bag. For the two year feeding that will make 100 gallons.

    I figured this job based on time rather than square footage.We just had too many trees of diffrerent sizes. I estimated my time at $100.00 per hour after overhead costs. I did the job in two half days of four hr each so I averaged after materials($300.00) $150.00 per hr. Which I though was pretty slick and the customer is thrilled because he can see the differance also.

    As for the regular turf stuff, I just explained the situation to him and he is a reasonable man. There are two buildings on the property that have irrigation and they look great so they serve as a contrast to the turf that dose'nt have irrigation. To keep him happy I did spray 40 linden and crabapple trees with Talstar when the Jap beetles hit us. I did it as part of the program sice we made out well on everything else and it is a big account. Hope this helps.

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