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    I got a 1986 dodge ram 1 ton dump 4x4. Its got a 8'2" dump box on it not and i just bought a chip box that is 9'4". There would be just about 12" hanging off the end of the frame will it hurt and thing and can i do this? The only reason i got the box is the guy pretty much gave it to me and its got all the side tool boxes to hold all of a chain saw/tools and it all set up for chipping. thanks all help would be great. Pic of the truck now
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    You have a short wheelbase truck I really think its a P/U with the box removed you might want to find a different truck or if the Dodge is in good shape have the frame stretched. Dodge chassis are not the best they bend easy.

    You don't want too much overhang behind the rear spring hangers you chop the frame off about 4-6 inches behind the spring hanger and thats where the hinge should be.

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