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    hey guys. im new to the site. my name is tyler johnson. i own first class lawn care and landscaping in enid oklahoma. i have over 60 accounts and growing. im also a fulltime student in college. i have one guy that works for me. i want to start fertilizing my accounts. i need some tips and how to's. what to use and how many times to fertilize accounts and the price. thanks alot guys this will help me alot. ty
  2. mikesturf

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    Contact your local county extension office. They will give you info on how to get a license, etc.
  3. James Cormier

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    Hey Ty, welcome to this site, do some searches on pricing and you will find alot to read, Im sure there are people in your area that are on here as well.

    I will warn you though, your question will generate some responses that you might not like, I use to be like that, but Im turning over a new leaf and trying something new here:clapping:

    Anyways, alot of the turf guys in this section of this forum are like me. We've been doing this for awhile, usually starting out working for a larger company, getting the proper licenses and learning the business.

    You see its not just about buying a spreader, putting some weed & feed in it and running around on a lawn. Its very different then other forms of out door services.

    There is a skill in applying the product correctly. Knowledge needed in using pesticides so you dont endanger yourself, your customer or the environment. And then the agronomics involved so you dont apply dimension to control red thread, Dylox to kill crabgrass.

    It took me many years working for other companies getting trained in all this items, then I spent several years training new employees for other companies I work for before I decided to start my own business.

    I spend alot of money making sure I have all the proper licenses, insurances and training every year to keep all this stuff up to date. Ive invested alot of my personal monies and countless hrs of my life to making my business successful. Ive been doing this for 21 years now, and I can guarantee you 1 thing for sure.

    The place to find out on how to run a professional lawn treatment company is not on some Internet forum.

    Now if you plan on doing things under the table, not gonna bother with getting your pesticide license, forget about insurance or paying your employees on the books, well there are plenty of places online for that stuff

    I dont think this is one of them

    Good luck:drinkup:
  4. Grassmechanic

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    Bravo! Well said James!
  5. spcfoor

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    Im from here in Tulsa. You need to call the dept. of ag. in okc. They will get you an application to get your license and a sheet that you can fill out to get study guides from the OSU horticulture dept. Get the study guides read them and then go and take the test. Hook up with someone in enid already in the business and pick their brain. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to apply chemicals correctly but it does take some practice. Read and learn the labels of the chemicals and fert. you are applying. Good luck. Pm me if you have any questions.

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