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    my last post did not make it. I have a new MiniZ with a 20hp Honda. The mower has less than 6 hours on it. I ran out of gas in one tank yesterday and thought no big deal, just change over to the other tank, which i did. The mower would run and shut off. I decided to put gas in the empty tank and try again, same result. I managed to get the mower in the driveway and upon lifting the seat noticed that there are 2 small black tubes that are spraying gas downward on the front of the motor. My yard is probably ruined now with all the gas I sprayed. Any ideas on what could possibly be happeneing.

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    Call your dealer immediately and have them get the unit in and look at the fuel lines, I don't know what exactly is happening, but if you have gas leaking, do not start the mower.
    Do you have a Mini Z or a FasTrak? we do not make a Mini Z with a 20 Honda.

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    my apolgies, it is a fastrak, im losing my mind. I am really worried about all the gas i sprayed on the yard. It will probably all die

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