1. John B Laidlaw

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    I posted the same request on the Public/Private Grounds... thread.

    It's very hot here, we've had record rain in the last couple of weeks, and I'm behind the eight ball to get my fields in playing shape. Today, I found chinch bug on three of my four fields, there is Jap. beetle flying around, not a lot but enough to bother me, and I'm under an extremely tight budget.

    Do I bite the bullet and go w/ Allectus (sp) or go w/ a quick fix such as sevin and merit?

    My fields are not showing signs of stress and are actually doing quite welll. But as many of you know, something like this can wipe a field out in short order, especially a solid blue grass field which I have.

    Any thoughts or ideas or something I'm missing? :dizzy:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. TforTexas

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    I would go with the Allectus. The price of the allectus here is actually less than Merit.At Lesco I paid 266.00 for a 1gal Allectus SC at an application cost of 2.64 per 1,000. The Merit 2F was like 950.00 a gal which works out to 4.44 per 1,000. I haven't priced Merit/Sevin, but I prefer the control I get with the Talstar better.
  3. Chris@CRU

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    An alternative that has worked well for me here, Permethrin TC. It has a pesticide label and is extremely cost effective. Check the label and see if there are restrictions for ball fields. The drawback is there is an odor.
  4. heritage

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    Hi John,

    Put down an app of Talstar NOW for the Chinch Bugs.

    Keep the fields @ 3-3.5" and keep dry at the end of july when the Jap. Beetles are laying their eggs in sunny moist locations. Is there a history of grub damage there in the past? Near their favorite food....Flowering Cherry, Plum, Sassafrass, Roses, Lindens??? Scout problem areas MID AUGUST- END AUGUST, when small dry patches appear and spot treat with DYLOX and overseed the trouble spots at the same time. I am about 20 miles southeast of your location so I understand your needs.

    Good luck with the fields!

  5. John B Laidlaw

    John B Laidlaw LawnSite Member
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    Thanks to all especially Pete! We've applied Talstar for the chinch bug. We were able to do approx. 375K for under a thousand. Yes, all the plants mentioned are infested w/ Jap. beetle except our Lindens which I still have to check.

    With the Asian Longhorn Beetle to our east, the Emerald Ash Borer to our west, and now chinch bug AND Jap. Beetle, it's going to be an expensive next year or so for our department.

    Thanks again all who replied!!!!!!:usflag:

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