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  1. man of stihl

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    ok all you stihl guys out there.. i went to my local stihl dealer on friday to order a br 340 backpack blower. this is my first backpack so i just went with the 340. but anyway list price is 299. i figured they would give me some off.. i went today to pick it up and he said it was 329 but he gave it to me for 290 plus tax.. i bring it home and look in the book and there is this chart that has the 340 specs and the 420 specs.. my blower has an 340L on it.. this chart reads the the 340 has 688 cfm/ 161mph/2.7kw.. the 340L has 636cfm/146mph/1.9kw.. what's the deal?? i wanted a 340 not a 340L.. oh ya it is at 68 decibles instead of the normal 340 at 73??
  2. LLandscaping

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    I use Stihl Br 420's, the 340L must be for noise restricted areas.
  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well, I've been warning folks to look out for the 'odd' units Stihl has out there these days.

    I don't agree with this from Stihl... not at all.

    The reason is, a 340 should be a 340. A 340 with an "L" designation is BULL!!!
    So is an 85 or a 420 with a "D" designation.

    L = Low noise
    D = Catalytic Converter

    The very least they could have done is NOT done things sneaky this way.
    They should have selected a new unique model number with the letter designation for these units that are NOT what the others are.

    Just so you know, the other 340 used to spec at 689 cfm (housing) 430 cfm (pipe) 170 mph. Nothing outstanding to begin with.

    So you just paid $300 for a 20lb backpack that will not blow as hard as the old BG85 handhelds. I mean you can take it out a day and see what you think. But it's gonna blow like about like any brandname handheld.

    I'd return it and tell the guy this low noise model defeats the purpose of a backpack... because you can get that much power in a handheld for half the price with half the weight.

    Any other MFG's blower in that class/price range should blow that away easily.
    Any of them.
  4. man of stihl

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    okay thanx for the help. i will call my dealer after school today and get to the bottom of this. im not real happy to tell you the truth. when i ordered it i said nothing about a noise restricted version. i just want the plain old br340. i hope they dont give me any trouble about returning it and getting the other one:hammerhead:
  5. LawnBrother

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    Yeah, tell them what you just told us and they should make an exchange no problem, especially if you have not used it.
  6. man of stihl

    man of stihl LawnSite Senior Member
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    okay i called my local dealer today and they gave me a hard time, probably because im a kid and they think im dumb. i dont know. but anyway in the end they said if i wanted to i could bring it back. after that i called my stihl dealer that is around 35 miles away. they are always very very nice to me. i talked to him for about 45 mins today on the phone and ive decided to take back the 340L and get my money back. go up to the good stihl dealer and pick up a br550 for $380. does anyone have any opinions on this bp blower?
  7. LawnBrother

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    YES, I have an opinion, spend an extra 100 and get the BR600. You won't be sorry.
  8. MattsMowing3535

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    Br-600 712cfm
    Br0550 530cfm
    Either one will work great. But the 550 cant blow sand and rocks at idle that what changed my mind at the dealer! Ask him if you can try both take them out the parking lot.
    The make your decision :)
  9. jbell113

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    My dealer has br 600 for $439.00 right now. See if they will match that price
  10. S man

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    Doesn't the catalytic muffler cut down performance and create a fire hazzard?

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