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    Ok guys I need some advice. This is my first season and I have a commercial bid I have to make ASAP. It is an office complex with just under 1 acre of mowing with perennials, trimming and fertilizing shrubs, fertilizing grass when needed March through November, mulching with hardwood mulch, and weeding beds in an area that I don't know the square footage of but I do know that last year it was about a 7000.00 dollar contract. I work alone. Am I crazy or should I go for it? does 7000.00 sound right? I am losing my mind already ARGHHHHH!
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    First off, it is not always as profitable for a one man company to take on large contracts. A big company can make more money paying 3 guys $8 per hour to do the job. You have to ask yourself how much time is it going to take. One full day a week in a 32 week mowing season equals 218.75 per day. I bet when you are mulching and trimming you will spend more than one day there. Is the customer paing for the mulch and fert on top of the 7000.00 or is that supposed to be included. You can probably mow 8 or 10 yards per day at 30 to 40 dollars each. Sometimes it is better to pass on the big ones until you get some employees.

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