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    I recently subbed out the irrigation on a landscape project. The guy put in a hunter system - when it went live, the water was just barely coming out of the heads (spray heads and rotators). There are 6 zones with about 11 heads to a zone with a water pressure of 70 psi. This guy has no idea why the lack of water coming out of the heads, the risers are popping up mabey half an inch, instead of 4 inches on all zones. I don't know much about irrigation at all, but I figured there must be a leak- I dug down at the heads, and they weren't even tight, and the elbow connection was barely on, causing water to dribble out of the connection. Well, I thought that would help with the pressure, but it didn't. The irrigation guy came by yesterday while I was at another job site, and put in Rain-bird emmiters or something that supposedly lets less water out of the heads, causing an increase of pressure. Does this sound legit??! The pressure still sucks, and there are 3 different types of sprays comeing out of a high profile area on a commercial property. What is my next option? The irrigation guy thinks this is ok, but as a landscaper, it looks like crap. Should I call Hunter, and see if a rep. could take a look at it, or have the guy re-do it? I don't want to use this guy again, so if it needs to be redone, I don't want him touching it. Also, the guy wants to get paid for the install, and wants reimbursement for the rain-bird emitter things he put on the Hunter system. As pro's, what would you guy' do!!!!???
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    sounds like he might have used i20 heads which have a lot stiffer spring in them and with 11 heads on a line that is about 5 to many,pgp heads are alot easier to pop and you can get away with 6 or 7 heads,sounds like he ot to stick to doing something that doesnt take any smarts for a living.with 70psi you should not haVE A PROBLEM WITH THE TYPICAL 5 OR 6 HEAD ZONE
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    What kind of Hunter heads are they? The cheaper SRS heads don't seal very well when a zone is starting up.

    Had that problem a few years back when all my pressure and flow calculations were good, but there was just too much "flow-by" for the risers to seat into the seals (lots of heads with short radius nozzles on the line.)

    Pro-Sprays shouldn't have this problem. Neither do Rain Bird 1800s. Haven't used an SRS in 5 years or more now.

    Hey! This is my 100th post!
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    He gets paid when the job is complete. And it sounds like that job is not complete.
    My first guess is that he has too many heads on a zone, the mainline may be too small, and he really doesn't know what the hell he is doing.
    He needs to make the system work properly in order to keep up his end of the agreement. Scratching his head and azz while he tries to figure it out is not your problem.
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    First, even it is all Hunter system, doesn't mean anything.

    If the installer didn't even check to see if he had adequate pressure in the first place, not your fault.

    Probably the most over looked item, if this is ran off of a municipal water supply, is the water key to the main open completely?

    Where was the tap(poc) made?
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    On the hunter heads you have roughly 16 nozzles you can insert into the heads. He may be using too high of a nozzle or no nozzle at all!

    Take your irrigation key and pull the first head up...see what size nozzle is in it. With 11 heads and 70 pounds pressure I would recommend starting with a #3 nozzle...

    What does this mean??? You will get less water out of the heads as opposed to the #5 that we usually like to use so you may have to run your zones a tad longer to get the same amount of water.

    Unfortunately there are too many guys doing irrigation installs that have no clue...this wouldn't be the first time I have seen a system installed sans nozzles.
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    Thank you for all your responses!! I'm not sure what size heads he used, but I will find out tonight. We are tapped into the municiple water line, and pressure coming out to the irrigation system is about 60. Also, he called the builder this morning and got the impression that everything with the system was fine!!! I called the supplier in missoula, mt. and talked to one of the sales reps/technicians that supply Hunter and told him what was going on. They are driving up tuesday morning to see what the heck is going on, and to either fix the problem or let the installer know how to fix it himself, if the installer decides to show up. He called my wife after he talked to the builder and said that the builder is happy with the system, and demanded payment!! LoL!! The builder hasn't a clue whats going on, except that he see's sprinkler heads in the grass area, so as far as he's concerned, it's fine - When I talked to him, he realized it wasn't fine. We are anxiously waiting for tuesday morning to come so we can see the faces on the Hunter guy's faces when they turn on each zone. Also, I told the installer that I contacted these guy's, so they could resolve the problem if he wasn't willing to. He wasn't happy about it, because they will see what shoddy work has been done. Anyway's, I appreciate the feedback- He won't see a cent until the work is done. I guess anyone can buy a truck and call themselves an irrigation specialist - gives every legitimate installer in the business a bad name.
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    Here, here!!! :clapping:

    Any monkey can slap pipe together. This guy's a monkey and NOT a pro. :nono:
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    How big is the water meter? I am guessing 5/8s. I hate subbing things out... learn to do it yourself... residential irrigation isn't rocket science and there is good money in irrigation if you price it right.

    This contractor is a loser... I could never walk off a job and leave something like that. He knows something is wrong... he just can't afford to fix it.
  10. Keith

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    What he said!

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