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    Cub Cadet tank won't start. M48 20hp Honda V-twin. I don't know what went out, but my Tank won't turn over. The battery is fine, Could it be the solenoid or the relay. I have to take it in tommorrow morning and want to have an idea of what it could be. I am already gonna be an hour behind tommorrow, just don't want to get screwed at the dealer. Any info would be nice. It does make a little clicking noise when I try to start it, And it had given me fits all day but would eventually start until I got to my last lawn.
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    Well if the starter is clicking ... solenoid is try to work ...I'd say off hand ....switch is gone bad ... if you can jump the starer n it turns over that would narrow it ...if you don't know how to do this ...have the dealer show you ... back in the day a screw driver was used but a remote start is better ...jump the main battery term to the 12v side of the solenoid (where the other smaller 12 gauge wires are going)

    After this test if it doesn't turn that kinda tells ya its a starter or solenoid issue .... yet can be a wire issue as well ... I HATE wiring issues
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    Any chance the battery cables are loose?
  4. Bill Kapaun

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    Definitely clean battery, starter motor & solenoid connections. All the ones with the "heavy gauge" cables.
    IF that doesn't fix it, it's either a low/bad battery or a bad solenoid.

    If it still just clicks, AND you have an automotive type jumper cable, jump directly from Battery+ to the starter motor terminal.

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