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    just purchased my first z last week, i'm going from a conventional lawn tractor (deere) to this machine, it an exmark lazer z hp 52"/23 kaw. love the machine. i'm still trying to figure out the turning around at the end of a row w/o digging up turf, i ran a search on comm. lawn care and so far the best results i have found has been to completley stop, then start backwards and shift one lever forarwd for the dir. i want to turn kinda whips the front-end around, someone mentioned a k-turn, but they didnt tell how to do the k turn, i know this is going to take some time to get used to, but just lookin for some pointers. tearing up my yard, no big deal, customer yard and it makes me sick, so far i've been lucky.

    thanks, keith
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    All of the suggestions you've been given will help. What you are really trying to do is prevent too much "twist" being exerted on the lawn. The key in my experience is to not leave the inside drive tire or pivot wheel in a stationary position. Simply be sure to give a little forward or rearward motion to the pivot wheel.

    I'd be curious to find out what some of your fellow Lawnsite members would recommend.

    Thank you

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    thanks for the quick reply terry, i love the machine and i think a little more seat time will help more than anything, it gets a little better everytime i run the machine, just a learning curve i guess. and i still don't know what the k turn is, this was mentioned on a search i performed on the commercial cutter board but what i'm doing is getting better, makes me wanna throw rocks at the ole jd

    anyway thanks again for the help and a really fine piece of equipment.

    keith smith
    A1 Lawn Care
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    3-pt turn. When you get to the end of the row, go a few feet more then make a small sweeping turn toward the next cutting path. Stop, then make a sweeping turn backwards away from the grass. You will then be pretty close to your next path.

    Practice will make this a quick turn.
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    thanks for the reply 65hoss, would you mind if i e-mailed you some ultra-vac and leaves questions.
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    What 65 Hoss said is what works best for me. It will become second nature after a few weeks. I would suggest practicing on your lawn or even a large field. The blades do not have to be engaged to practice driving so it can actually be done anywhere.
    Good luck, I know you will love the Exmark. I know I love all three of mine.
  7. a1 lawncare

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    for the quick replies, it gets better everyday.

    man i luv this machine, can't believe i waited so long to make the switch

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    Sure, I'm always around.

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