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    I went to my dealer today and he qouted me on some walk behind prices.. he said that the ecs is just a kit, and that it comes standard with pistols, not ecs.. he said that he could get me a 36" metro with a 15 hp kawasaki w/ ecs for 3199, i know thats not right.. could you guys help me, and figure out what i need to tell this guy?

    obviously exmark makes them with ecs, im looking in the brochure and it sais model number blahblah, ecs 15 hp 36".. so obvouisly it comes with that, the guy is frustrating me

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    If your talking the Metro belt drive then the price is too high. Should be in the $2100-$2300 range I believe. The distributor in my area still has some of the $1999 models. You might want to check into that.
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    The unit he is quoting you here is most likely a Metro HP ECS, I'm guessing. The $3,199.00 is what I show here in my price book.

    The Metro units are probably getting confusing because we offer both handles on certain models. I will point this out to our higher-ups here and hopefully we can get them better defined.

    Exmark, Fred

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