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    Me and my brother are just startin out and we have like 5 yards and a huge apartment complex that we do with a push mower and just you r basic stuff.So we need advise on what too all you experts out there help us out....Thanx..and we want to get good stuff and not waste our money...
  2. mowerbrad

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    What is your budget? I could tell you a bunch of good stuff you should buy but it would cost you over $30,000 (and thats a conservative estimate too).

    But since you are just starting out I would go with a 36"-48" walk behind. Exmark or Toro would get my vote. Hydro drives are nicer than belt drives but are more money. For your trimmers, blowers, chainsaws, etc. go with Stihl (that is just my personal preference). The FS90, FS100RX, FS110 would all be good choices for trimmers. And the BR450 and BR500 would be good choices for blowers. Hopefully you already have a trailer but if you don't get one that is capable of carrying what you need and allows you to grow into it. Something like a 6x12 would be a good start for you. But if you really wanted the big trailers go for a 7x16or18. Good Luck!
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    what he said. well, except i have a preference for echo trimmers. srm 230 is a good trimmer.

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    you can find a used commercial WB for a good price. That would be good for starting out. Good luck with your buisness too
  5. saylorsdad

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    been in business for two years and can tell you that if youre making due with what you have you shouldnt spend to much. if you do spend, the walkbehinds are popular but dont buy big ztr rider till you need it. i spent more than i should have (5k) but been pretty lucky getting few extra yards to pay for equipment. also the weedeater/blower is used about as much around apmnts as mower so get a pretty good one as you can afford.
  6. Big Lebowski

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    I agree. If you are ready to buy what is your budget?

    Trailer. Get a used one. You'll save money and be able to get a bigger one than if you were buying new. You cannot throw a 50" walk behind in the trunk so this is the first planned purchase after a push mower, trimmer and blower.

    Next would be a walk behind. Again a used one would be the way to go here. 36" should get into most gates and other tight areas. You can really save big on these when buying used. I picked up a 36" hydro with catcher and sulky for $700. I did the oil change, blade sharpening etc. and it cuts like a dream.

    Blowers, trimmers. New, because they are affordable and well... new. I just bought a new blower. I debated backpack and handheld. Once I tried putting on the backpack in the store, i knew right there it would be pretty unlikely I will ever buy one unless I get some big commercial accounts. By the time I got it on and situated, I could have been half way done with most residential driveways with a good handheld. So for me, a waste of money for the BP version.

    Trimmers can get real expensive depending on what you buy. I looked at a Stihl with the attachments and just to string trim and hedge trim it would have cost me around $650 w/tax. I was not ready for that. I took a relatives advice and bought a model that accepted attachments. It has been helpful because after I bought it and did a hedge job, I still walked with money in my pocket. I would have been in the red if I went with the Stihl.

    I think you should never buy outside of your budget. If the big box models suits your needs then I say go for it. I know that if I am still growing the accounts then I need to make sure some of the cash makes it to the bank. I have a friend that had bought a couple Toro trimmers from Home Depot and so far they have lasted 6 years going on 7 next year. Not too shabby.

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