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    I am currently renting a warhouse 1700 Sq ft for 655$ (with water)... They are raising the rent to 742$. There is a warhouse for sale $120,000 built in 87'. Its 4000 Sqft. It has an office as well. This warhouse if closer to where my employee base is but its not as nice as the one i am renting. Its not in as well of a protected area. If i talk them down a little and i put down 10 Grand then i figure the payments to be about 900 dollars a month. This means i would be building equity but spending a little bit more. I would also be getting twice as much space. Its on a 1/4 acre lot which isn't big. But i could put a parking lot on it for my employees. I don't know what to do. What would you do. I have more details but i don't want to write a story here. Also if i leased out half of it for 600$ then i would only have to pay 300$ a month!! That would be the ultimate....
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    Go for it. Just check w/ the local township zoning board. Ask for an "informal hearing" to make sure tht your operation conforms w/the USE type in this location. Make sure they understan exactly what you intend on using property for so you are able to utuize it for your purpose. I am currently looking to construct a 2400 sq.ft. building on a 3/4 acre pice of ground. Believe me, this is a learning experience.
    This will also help you out when you go to retire. Its much easier to sell a business w/ property, trucks, equipment and accounts and walk away w/ some serious $$$$, as opposed to someone just selling off their trucks and equipment and hoping to get a fair price for their account list.
    Good luck, and if you have any ?'s re: what to look for w/ zoning whatever - give me a call. My property is on a county road and backs up to wetlands and a stream. I have to deal w/ Township, County and DEP. Luck me.

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