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  1. nccutter

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    I am not in the lawn care business...just a homeowner looking for some advice. I live in Greensboro, NC. My problem is ONIONS!!* How can I get rid of them. As you can see..they are the only thing that is green. Thanks for the help.
  2. DaughtryLC

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    I dont see. It depends on the type of grass. I need more info, but I would call a pro before taking a chance
  3. nccutter

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    did this work
  4. DaughtryLC

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    Your pics are not loading
  5. nccutter

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    maybe this time The last picture was in the middle of the summer.. The 1st two were taken today

    green yard 002.jpg

    green yard 003.jpg

    green yard 001.jpg
  6. nccutter

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    that time it worked......finally
  7. Think Green

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    Looks like you have bermuda........?
    The lawns looks somewhat flat with a slight tilt. Holds water well. Thick, tight mat of sod........great for wild onion and garlic.
    It will take a couple of years to eliminate them. One time will not do the trick....
    Do you have access to Lesco? Call them and talk to them about the conditions of your lawn. Show them some pictures if you choose to go granular or liquid. You can kick them it the head with a 3-way liquid product containing 2-4D,MCPP,Dicamba. A couple of applications will be needed. Below are some other recommendations as they are pricey and 3-way is a bit more economical. These are all liquids and will need to be applied as a post emerge.
    Do you have the means to apply any of these types of herbicides efficiently? Gallon sprayers and backpacks will work you to death! You will need a small tow boom sprayer and tractor. This will need to be calibrated to apply chemicals efficiently.

    Image(Imazaquin) the label!
    Any of the Sulfonylurea type chemicals.
    Dismiss............... Read these labels before you apply!

    It will be cost effective for you to contact an applicator rather than purchase enough chemical to treat your lawns size. It will cost you more in smaller containers than to hire it out professionally.
  8. greendoctor

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    Manor or Mansion(metsulfuron) is also good for this weed and many other winter weeds in bermuda. The safest way to apply any of the mentioned herbicides is through a calibrated boom. It is also the best way to ensure good coverage of the weeds. Spot spraying with hand sprayers misses weeds not visible above the grass. I also agree with hiring out this job. It is not only the chemicals that are costly, but the equipment and knowledge to apply correctly.
  9. DaughtryLC

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    I agree!, Its alittle away from u, but Coor Farm Supply in Smithfield can help. 9199344573

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